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Vir­tu­al Stu­dio / Virtual Re­ali­ty

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​​​​​​​​​​Virtual TV Studio

The laboratory offers a fully equipped virtual studio for live or post-production consisting of a green box, lighting (LED, remote phosphor), 4 camera with camera robotics and Jibarm (both calibrated and tracked), 2 chromakeyers with video delay, renderers and recorders (4 channels, storage 48 TB, MAM). For productions, monitors with multiviewers, teleprompters as well as feedback monitors and projectors are available. Shots can be refined in post-production. Recording and playback are also possible in stereo. Computers are operated via an IP-based KVM with 6 work places. Tablet-based controller not only allows easy operation of the crossbars (SDI, Audio and HDMI), but also salvos, which simplifies work with multiple groups. The adjacent video studio is connected directly (via tielines). The studio is integrated into the AV network of the university and enables distributed productions. The studio is maintained together with the Video Engineering Laboratory.

Tracking systems

Two trackig systems are permanently installed at the Virtual TV Studio. A marker-based system with 8 cameras allows the tracking of rigid bodies. A markerless person tracking consists of 18 cameras and allows the tracking of up to 5 people throughout the studio area. Both systems work in real time.


A powerwall (3.6 mx 2 m) offers a virtual environement for various application fields (such as architecture, marketing studies ...). For this purpose, a high-resolution projector with rear projection for stereographic projection with shutter glasses is used. The projection can also be used as feedback for actors in the Virtual Studio.

HMD SystemS

HMD systems with additional trackers are available for creating immersive environments.

Phantom: HaptiC Interaction

Synthetic generated haptic experiences are also possible in the laboratory. With the Phantom Desktop force feedback device, positions and orientation can be entered in an area of the reach of an arm, and corresponding force values returned to the user's hand. This allows the "feeling" of dynamic, three-dimensional objects.​


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