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University of Applied Sciences
Fachbereich Medien
Faculty of Media

​​​​​Journal of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting

The Journal of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting is an open access e-journal covering advanced media technology for the integration of human-computer interaction and modern information systems. The main focus is on the creation of synergies between basic technologies such as computer graphics and state-of-the-art broadcasting techniques.
The main goals are to publish research results in the field of virtual reality and broadcasting, to provoke discussions, and to promote the exchange of ideas and information. Developments in this area have a direct effect on society, therefore social aspects are also considered. As an interdisciplinary field, virtual reality requires multilateral collaboration in order to enable new applications.
The journal was established in 2004, funded by the state initiative Digital Peer Publishing NRW. Editor-in-chief is Professor Jens Herder, member of the Faculty of Media. Publishing supervisor is Michael Uwe Möbius, former head of the University Library. Katharina Regulski serves as editorial assistant​







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