Hochschule Düsseldorf
University of Applied Sciences
Fachbereich Medien
Faculty of Media
VRON 2013

VRON: Virtual Reality over Networks

The major challenge in virtual studio technology is the interaction between the actor and virtual objects. Within a distributed live production at the Department of Media, two locally separated markerless tracking systems (Open Stage) from Organic Motion where used simultaneously alongside a virtual studio. The production was based on a fully tracked actor, cyborg (half actor, half graphics), avatar, and a bot. All participants could interact and throw a virtual disc. This setup is compared and mapped to Milgram’s continuum. For the graphics, the professional software Viz Artist from Vizrt was used. Some animation data like inverse kinematics were generated using the software Unity3D. The production was done by students of the master course Media Informatics and the bachelor Media Engineering under supervision of Prof. Jens Herder, Dr. Eng. / Univ. of Tsukuba.​

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Production team

Following members took part in the production: Jose Burga, Jeff Daemen, Sascha Charlie Djuderija, Maren Gnehr, Lars Goossens, Sven Hartz, Peter Haufs-Brusberg, Jens Herder, Mohammed Ibrahim, Nikolas Koop, Christophe Leske, Laurid Meyer, Antje Müller, Björn Salgert, Richard Schroeder, Simon Thiele


Markerless Actor Tracking for Virtual (TV) Studio Applications
Production at the Virtual Studio of HS Düsseldorf, 2013.

Markerless Actor Tracking for Virtual (TV) Studio Applications
Jeff Daemen, Peter Haufs-Brusberg, and Jens Herder, International Joint Conferenceon Awareness Scienceand Technology & Ubi-Media Computing (iCAST2013 & UMEDIA2013), Hamamatsu/Aizu-Wakamatsu/Duesseldorf, November, 2013.